The Sacred Art of Bathing.

The Sacred Art of Bathing.

Bathing deserves a sacred spot within our lives. With that in mind, Keith Mark Designer Soap aims to create a unique product with special ingredients for the discerning individual. All soaps are gently infused with Holy Fire Reiki. We use 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and other all natural ingredients.

As an openly discerning empath, a person able to see/feel/sense the energy of others, bathing has always been an important aspect of my day. We often take on much more than we realize as we go about the experience of living.

Bathing is more than just removing the dirt of the day. It is cleansing our physical bodies, as well as course correcting our energetic fields.

As an Empathic Therapist, and Facilitator of Spiritual Consciousness, I often state to my clients and students:

"We are more than just a physical body. We are that which manifests a physicality to experience this period of life within. We are more than our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, experiences of life. We are that which has those things. We are not those things themselves."

Many are convolutedly lost within their bodies, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, experiences of life. 

They falsely believe they are those things. In effect in doing so, they subjugate their life to those things.

One of the greatest aspects within The Sacred Art of Bathing is to continually transcend our experiences of living.

Transcending allows one to open to a greater experience of life.

In learning to see from that space beyond time, that space we actually are emanating from, we are able to transcend our own projections. We are able to transcend the limitations of a projected self to experience all that we actually are.

When we free our consciousness from the limitations of the cult/ures we were born into, we are able to comprehend how those cultures were created. We are able to transcend the limitations of those cultures, while learning from the past, to bring forth deeper consciousness to be manifested with what we call the creator.

As someone who has experienced the extended realm of spirit, personally and as a medium for others, I have seen proof that as we grow and become clearer in spirit, the spirit realm often cheers us on. I have witnessed many times that the members within the spirit realm are actually paying attention to us, so that their spirits can learn to transcend to higher states of being.

There is a sacred art to bathing. For those willing to experience it.

Keith Chouinard

Oct 22nd 2018 Keith Joseph Chouinard

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